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SyncWords is Going Global with Live Translations

Increase Live OTT Subscriptions, ad revenue by reaching new audiences locally and around the world. Deliver your live program translated and subtitled in multiple languages.

What is LanguageSync?

LanguageSync is SyncWords’ automatic live captioning translation solution designed to translate English and Spanish captions to a variety of languages using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Completely cloud based, LanguageSync works with existing industry-standard live captioning software so it can be easily incorporated in your existing workflow and provide an affordable and scalable way to reach new audiences.

  • Fits into your existing live captioning workflow

  • Supports industry standard court reporting / voice writing

  • Customizable glossary for language pairs

  • EPS scheduling functionality

  • Translate to 40 languages simultaneously for streaming

Built for Live OTT and Broadcast TV

LanguageSync is designed for existing production-ready Live OTT and Broadcast TV workflows. Our clients are able to dramatically increase their viewership potential resulting in new subscriptions and ad revenue opportunities. With Live OTT applications, LanguageSync can automatically scale additional languages simultaneously without disturbing the production-ready workflow. This means that expanding live video events to a global market is reachable with automation.

Tried & Tested

As interest increases for automated real time live translation LanguageSync is uniquely suited to offer a robust and scalable solution to accommodate those needs providing lower latency and higher translation coverage compared to humans translating in realtime.

We piloted our live translation solution for over a year. After rigorous testing and feedback we went live to production with a major broadcaster, translating English to Spanish 24x7x365. Since then, we have deployed several implementations including translating English captions into six languages.

How It Works

Captioners connect to LanguageSync as they would to any standard CC encoder, through an IP and Port assigned by the system. LanguageSync then acts as a virtual encoder outputting translated text to either a remote encoder for live broadcast TV delivery, or directly to a live streaming platform, meaning it can be added to any existing live caption workflow.

LanguageSync can also interface with existing hardware and software that is used every day by all the major broadcast networks and caption service companies. This includes CaptionMaker, Eclipse, and Stenograph software. Hardware encoder support includes Evertz, EEG, and Link Electronics via IP connection.

Language Support

LanguageSync can translate from English or Spanish to over 40 languages. All 40 languages are available for delivery as live streams. A caption streaming text protocol allows support for all languages including ones using Asian and Cyrillic character sets. Glossaries can be added to specify translations for particular words and phrases.

LanguageSync vs. Human Translation

We benchmarked realtime translation from English to Spanish in a broadcast environment by comparing our LaguageSync Live Translation solution, which translates professional real-time captions from English to Spanish, versus human translators and captioners.

Translation Coverage

Human Translation
* 100% of the English content was translated into Spanish. 59% is a character count comparison of the human translated Spanish vs the automated translated Spanish.

Latency Benchmark in Seconds

Human Translation